Gamification & Mobile Learning

MEDTecque provides a platform that empowers employees to learn, develop, and perform better through games.

Pharma sales and business unit leaders are reinventing their sales organizations. Market demands are shifting client focus from mass-market to a target-market approach. Sales enablement is paramount. Directors and product managers will keep sales teams updated with the scientific, technical, and product knowledge they need to impact revenues.


Updating skills and knowledge is essential to getting healthcare providers, doctors and their influencers to pay attention and close deals.


See how pharma companies are using Atrivity to increase knowledge and ultimately, sales.

Atrivity is used by sales leaders, product and marketing managers, and business unit leaders to deliver content anywhere


Send in-depth competitor, industry, products, and added-value services information


Customize  and accelerate sales in the field through training content to feature product differentiators and reinforce knowledge


Engage CUSTOMER ; increase  BRAND awareness and knowledge  with gamified engagement

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